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About Us

We are a family owned and operated business built on the belief that our work should be used to glorify God. Therefore, we ensure our work is the highest quality possible.


We grew up in a small town in upstate New York helping our father with his construction business. In the 1980 's our father opened up a small cabinet shop for a winter hobby and soon, we were building cabinets year-round. In the spring 1996 our family moved to Michigan. We built a larger cabinet shop where we worked until May of 2009, when we decided to move our shop closer to the town of Bronson. In August, 2009 our new shop burned to the ground. With the love of God, shown to us through the help of the community we were able to rebuild and we opened our shop again in November, 2009.

Sam Wickey
Phone (517) 227-1832

Sam, part owner of Wickey Custom Cabinets, LLC and is essential to day to day operations, and a major driving force behind the business. He is always looking for new ways to reinvent the company to take it the next step into the future. He is there for the customer, answering any questions and helping with kitchen/cabinet design ideas. After working in the woodworking business for over 16 years, Sam can take a simple draft of an idea and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture or kitchen.

Ben Wickey
Phone (517) 227-1859

Ben, an innovator, an entreprenuer, a driving force that will not be stopped. He is a part owner and worker at Wickey Custom Cabinets, LLC,  with the capabilities to handle any job and the drive to tackle any obstacle. In the mid 2000's Ben branched off and ran his own successful cabinet shop until early 2009 when he and Wickey Custom Cabinets, LLC joined forces.


Mark Wickey
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Mark, part owner of Wickey Custom Cabinet, LLC and a backbone to the business. Mark has been working in the cabinetry business longer than the others and brings two decades of experience to the table. Mark has been the backbone of day to day operations since the begining. During the uncertain times he was always moving forward, building one kitchen at a time, keeping the business on steady pace forward.

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