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Wickey Custom Cabinets, LLC provides an array of services to relieve some of the stress from the customer and make this as much of a one stop shop as we can.


The customer can either bring specifications/measurments of the job or simply use our measuring service. We will schedule a time with the customer to come on site to collect any measurments/specifications we need for the job.


We can help with designing a simple piece of furniture to a whole kitchen; one way or another we'll get the design you want. For kitchen design simply bring in the blueprints and an idea and we'll help design the kitchen for you. If lacking blueprints, no problem, we can schedule a time to come on site to go across your ideas. From that we can put together some sketches and specifications and bring it one step closer to a new kitchen. Don't really have an idea, no problem. With over a decade of building and designing kitchens we can design a complete kitchen from only a few ideas or even a picture of a particular style.


Before begining any job we will provide a free detailed price and time of completion quote.


We also offer installation on any of our products.